Reinhard Hütter — “Pornography and Moral Theology”

Reinhard Hütter — “Pornography and Moral Theology”


June 2015
Franciscan University Presents
Pornography and Moral Theology

Pornography isn’t simply a social or cultural problem. It is, ultimately, a spiritual problem, rooted in the vices and struggles of a human nature wounded by Original Sin.

Dr. Reinhard Hütter, professor of systematic and philosophical theology at Duke Divinity School, explains how Catholic moral theology can deepen our understanding of the problem of pornography and help us combat it in this discussion with host Michael Hernon, vice president of Advancement at Franciscan University, and panelists Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn of Franciscan University’s Theology Department.

Download the Handout: “Pornography and Acedia”