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Our Lady of Mt. Caramel

Our Lady of Mt. Caramel

Dec 06, 2023

Dcn. Bob is in Florida to root on the Buccaneers (they won)!  He and Fr. Dave talk about football in the rain, homemade candy fails, Franciscan athletics, ice skating, and the First Sunday of Advent. 

00:00 Welcome to They That Hope!

00:41 Football in the Rain

02:37 College Football Travesties

07:33 Hell is Real (Soccer)

09:20 Homemade Candy Fail

12:26 Franciscan Athletics

15:15 Ice Skating and Hockey

18:32 Shortest Advent Ever

21:26 Ranking the Liturgical Seasons

23:03 Ad Orientem in Advent

24:41 Reflections on the First Sunday of Advent

33:19 Closing Prayer and Goodbye


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