Dr. Deborah Savage — “Faith and Human Work” (Full Episode)

Dr. Deborah Savage — “Faith and Human Work” (Full Episode)


May 2018
Franciscan University Presents
Faith and Human Work

What does our daily work have to do with our salvation? How can our work shape us as individuals, as Christians, and as a people? What is the connection between the Eucharist and human work?

Dr. Deborah Savage, professor of theology and philosophy at St. Paul’s Seminary School of Divinity and director of the Siena Symposium for Women, Family, and Culture at the University of St. Thomas, will discuss these and other questions with host Michael Hernon, vice president of Strategic Relations at Franciscan University, and panelists Dr. Scott Hahn and Dr. Regis Martin of Franciscan University’s Theology Department.

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